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                                                     Let us explain about THE DOG.

Our mustards and other tasty treats are made in house, these are availab for you to have on your dogs and also for take home purchase. Our hot dogs are made by a local butcher at Real Deal Meats. Our sausage are made in house and free of fillers & gluten . All our sauces and gravies are made in house from scratch, and GF. We also offer GF buns and have a GF / Vegan deep fryer. Please let us know ahead when ordering so we can make sure your dietary needs are met.  Our soup is homemade with a new selection every week spring and fall seasons only.

Service that we offer
Hot Dog Buns

Fresh buns out of the oven

The Pantry

Visit our pantry to take home a little something or let us put together a gift basket for you.

Food Truck

Have us bring the party to your event. We have a 22 foot trailer ready to service your corporate events or functions

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